Is that worth to buy tinorenatopreset for my photos?

YES IT IS! I have spent few years perfecting LR edits and now sharing my unique look with all of you!

No need to worry these presets have been designed so you only have to make super simple and adjustments to achieve the perfect photo edit look.

Do these presets work on Androids?

Absolutely yes! They work in any mobile type

What mobile app for these presets?

Just download Lightroom CC to your mobile device before installing these presets. You don’t need to pay for a subscription just sign up and you’re ready to start installing the presets!

How do I install these presets?

There is an installation guide included in your purchase. Please follow the instructions carefully before contacting us with installation issues.

The files won't open on my phone?

If you are having problems downloading these files directly to your phone the issue is that the downloads are compiled into a zip file so can’t be automatically unzipped through your Phone. You will need to Download them to your desktop first before transferring them to your phone.

Do you accept refunds?

Unfortunately not, as you can’t exactly return the product. You will have the product forever and free to use it forever.

Will the presets work with just one click?

Definitely yes. Sometimes you might need to make minor adjustments. Check out our Instagram Page for tutorials on how to edit your photos with these presets.

Is there an installation guide included?

Sure is! You will also find a PDF guide which also includes TIPS!

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